Welcome to our dining table.

Connor and I met in journalism class when I was 14. We grew up, fell in love, and married at 20 & 21, which somehow didn’t seem soon enough. We both maintained our creative interests from childhood — he is a documentary film writer and director, and I am a designer.

We missed working together on creative projects, so we channeled our dining table conversations into this publication. His skillful story-telling and my passion for editorial design have married into a Substack we are obsessed with.

Feeling! is a lifestyle magazine made for enduring seasons of grey — it’s a curation of joy, hope, and color mixed together.

Feeling! is really just a seat at our dining table, it’s what we are fascinated about and share with each other. For example:

  1. A case for watching more foreign films

  2. Understanding the ancient practice of Feng Shui

  3. The history of the matcha green color and where it came from

  4. The Hidden Anxiety of Entrepreneurship

  5. The brand design between High School Musical 2’s Lava Springs

This magazine is a collaboration we are enthusiastic about, and we are really excited you are here! It’s our biggest dream to make tangible print editions of Feeling! one day.

Feeling! Magazine is an ad-free space, with no affiliate links or advertisements. We just truly believe in everything we share, and the process of writing it. That means our paid subscribers are the backbone of our mission!

Here’s what our subscribers receive:

Free Subscribers:

  • Friday Newsletters

  • Occasional additional articles

Paid Subscribers, for $5 a month (roughly $1.20 an article):

  • The entire archive of writings

  • Additional interviews, personal journals, art downloads

  • Discounts to Jenna’s print shop

  • The first to know when we begin a print magazine :)

We are so thankful for every reader. Your support lights the fire in us to keep making beautiful things. P.S. if you are an avid reader, but can’t do the $5 a month, send me an email and we can work something out!

Connor fun facts:

  1. Connor has watched over 1,600 films and logged them in detail

  2. His coffee order is an Americano with a dash of honey

  3. Peak Connor is in a black jacket in the Beacon Hill area of Boston (in the fall) at a bookstore, reading

  4. His film, “The People Who Live There” has been featured in film festivals across the country and is now on Amazon Prime

  5. He is fascinated with foreign policy and has been working on learning Korean and Chinese

Jenna fun facts:

  1. Jenna has the entirety of Taylor Swift's lyrics in her mind, ready to go

  2. Her coffee order is actually tea — matcha latte with oat milk and honey

  3. Peak Jenna is in the pool, reading a design book, in a pink bathing suit

  4. Jenna was hyper-fixated on dogs for most of elementary school, memorizing breeds and facts, and can still (impressively) identify any dog breed from a distance

  5. Jenna was (and still is) the youngest recipient of her city’s "City Maker” award for her advocacy for mental health through art in Lakeland, FL

this is Genevieve!

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A personal diary about the intersection of design and feelings from an artist with a whole lot of feelings.


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